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Our consultants are experienced as clinicians, organizational leaders, managers, and advisors.  We support leaders in improving their performance in key leadership areas: planning, negotiation, strategy, operations, communications, delegation, giving feedback, and holding accountability.

We function as experienced and objective coaches and thought partners for emerging and established leaders who value our confidential advisory relationship to assist them in developing and testing positioning and strategic thinking.

We call this combination of leadership coaching and content expertise"coachsulting". It results in a new level of productive engagement, partnering, accountability, and managerial skill that drives career success and leadership effectiveness in complex organizational settings.

We are realistic, practical, and contextual. Our work focuses on improving the capabilities of physicians, scientists, health care executives and key staff.

Our approach:

  • "Real time" coaching and feedback supports emerging and established health care leaders in improving their practical management skills while accomplishing important organizational work

  • Experienced, objective, and trusted mentoring builds on direct observation and "360" feedback to enhance leaders' insights into how they are viewed by others, what is expected of them, and where their opportunities for development lie

  • Candid feedback and thought partnering assist physician and executive leaders to test their strategic or tactical thinking before "taking it live" within the organization

  • Expert guidance informs the development of leadership teams, structuring of accountability and reporting, and definition of performance expectations

  • Dispassionate advice to individuals and organizations in evaluating and resolving "fit," conflict, or performance challenges enhances the potential for promotion and/or retention of valuable leadership talent

Our services:

  • Building productive physician/scientist-executive partnerships

  • Enhancing the leadership skills, effectiveness, and/or career development of individual physicians and scientists and the leadership teams on which they serve

  • Designing functional physician and executive leadership positions and leadership teams, reporting lines, performance metrics and succession programs for successful clinical, academic, scientific, service line, and patient safety programs

  • Assisting leaders to develop enterprise, Departmental, and/or Program strategy, associated performance metrics, and impactful and accountable initiatives

  • Resolving performance, conflict, or fit challenges involving physician or executive leaders

  • Serving as trusted advisors providing dispassionate and candid feedback to assist leaders in complex and sensitive environments to frame problems, consider options, and make crucial decisions.

We are effective because:

  • We understand that execution of enterprise strategy critically depends on outstanding leadership at all levels

  • We support leadership teams to identify and enhance successful leadership behaviors

  • We partner with promising professionals to build capability that enriches performance and career development


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