exăgoMD, LLC was formed in 2008 by Stephen Blattner, MD MBA, its founding Principal. Its name is derived from the Latin root exerci [to train/prepare] and the Greek root ago [to lead].


exăgoMD prepares talented physicians, scientists, executives and key staff to proactively manage their career development and to grow as effective leaders in the current complex and increasingly value focused health care environment.

Stephen Blattner MD MBA
Founding Principal

Steve has over 30 years of health care experience as a clinician, clinical investigator, organizational leader, executive coach, and health care management consultant. His work is currently focused exclusively on enhancing the effectiveness of physician leaders, health care executive leaders, and the partnerships between them.


Priya Nair Flores MHA ACC
Senior Consultant

Priya is an experienced healthcare executive, program director, consultant and executive coach. Her experience has focused on leadership, professional development, performance management, quality improvement, strategy, and operations for over 15 years.  She specializes in temperament (MBTI and other assessments) and developing "rising star" leaders.  


Louis Ralofsky MD CPE

Lou has enjoyed over 18 years of healthcare experience as a clinical and organizational leader and serial entrepreneur, ideally positioning him to support physician leaders in leading practice transformation, developing accountable physician led entities, implementing value-based strategies, and related strategic, operational, and leadership engagements.  


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